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Food Concepts for Food Production Shoots

How can I create a unique Food Concept?

You run a Production Company, own a restaurant or manage a food account business and you need to produce a video for an advert placement, social media, or an upcoming tactical (Ramadan, summer, back to school, Diwali, festive, Valentines, Mother’s day), yet you don’t know how to start? So let’s share those tops of mind questions that will assist in your food production shoot enquiries:

  • What are the food items to shoot?
  • Do you need to develop the recipes?
  • Do you need help cooking?
  • Do you have a branding in mind?
  • Do you have a storyboard or scenes cut outs?
  • Do you have enough Food Props?

Of course you can buy a food stock footage but what about its copywriting and for how long can you own that food video? Also bear in mind that if you use such footage, or duplicate a Food concept, your competitors can do the same.

How a Food Stylist contributes to the Food Concept?

Filming a restaurant launch, producing the next festive commercial or shooting the new food product line needs to follow a Food Concept, you need to tell a mouthwatering story that is usually in line with your restaurant, product branding, colours, clientele and of course budget.

Producing a unique Food Concept or helping your client to decide how to produce his next Hero Food Shoot or Food Ad involves understanding how food behaves in front of the camera, how long it takes to set that scene.

Can you imagine shooting an Ice Cream Ad under the spotlights? We doubt it’s doable but we know how to create fake ice cream for your next food production story.

Fake ice cream, steam for the camera or more food tips, provided by Caroline Ismail a Dubai based Food Stylist and contributor to local and international Food Ad. Why we do it differently? Click here to check our background. Or browse through our social platforms, Showreel and discover our delectable food recipes. Try them, double the quantities and you will thank us later.