Food Content Creator


Food Content Creator or Innovative Food Ideas?

You run an Advertising Agency, a Production House or you are heading a FMCG brand, Restaurant or an E-Commerce Business and you are looking creating some Quality Food Content and marketing ideas ? You have landed on the right page.

How can I create a unique Food Content ? 

Latest food industry, marketing trends have shown a solid move and focus on Quality Food Content. Nevertheless, budget allocation is always the most stretched discussion. How can we create a mouthwatering food content without having to assign a heavy investment?

What is a Food Content Creator Role ?    

A Food Content Creator offers unique Food Ideas, doable and ensures the competitor has not executed shared Food Ideas.

Caroline Ismail, Food Content Innovator offers a preliminary idea, brainstorm with all parties and then move to the storyboard and sketching phases.

Shared ideas follow best practices and …

  1. Ensure end-message offers an added value to existing and potential consumer
  2. Offer an educative insight on the featured brand or service
  3. Take into consideration the brand guidelines
  4. Create a delectable food moment
  5. Meet all types of budgets

Caroline, Food Stylist and Food Content Creator at FoodArtConcept, works closely with the production team and ensure shared Food Ideas:

  1. Follow some logic and easy cooking steps: for digital recipe development
  2. Can be adapted to the shooting schedule
  3. In line with the budget allocation

This shared Food Pictures library revolves around a FMCG potatoes chips brands showcasing how different set ups can be brought to life.

Concepts are developed to meet clients and brands’ objective, to view more set ups and ideas, you can click here or contact us to start a culinary discussion.