The Art of 3D Printed Fake Food


How to offer a cost effective, sustainable and elegant Food Display?

Displaying 3D Fake Food samples to entice customers is becoming a common practice.Every detail is accounted for, ensuring to come up with the perfect look.The following are the main industries that benefit from 3D Printing Fake food:

 3D Printed Fake Food for the Food and Beverage industry and Restaurant window display:

Entities that are selling Juices, Desserts, Ice Creams, and Chocolate usually opt for a 3D printed Fake Food to ensure their Food window display is long lasting while preventing food waste. This is where the magic of 3D printing works. The great news is that with 3D printing, you can create more realistic dishes to get customers coming in. It also allows you to create numerous food samples, which you can standardize, distribute or display in all your location as part of your restaurant brand guidelines.

 3D Printed Food For Movies, TV Commercials, Opera and Theatrical Plays : 

Basically, we create fake food when real food cannot be displayed.  This applies for TV Commercials or adverting as doing so may waste huge quantities of food and time. Imagine promoting a chocolate brand in an outdoor location… That way real food will not be wasted the Food photo shoot goes smoother and 3D Fake Food is then used as the main prop.

3D Printed Fake Food for the Art Industry, Museum and Art Galleries showcase:

Such bodies select 3D Fake Food since they look for creativity, detailed food design and sustainable food display. Imagine if every Museum / Art Gallery visitors touch the food displayed? Or imagine if displayed food is real? It is almost impossible and hazardous to maintain. This is where the magic of 3D printing works.

 3D Printed Food For Nutrition, Education and Consumer Research: 

3D printing Fake Food is also done for educational and market research purposes. It acts as a supplement to nutrition education and allows companies to better analyze their market or in some cases for children to stimulate their food knowledge in a safe and hygiene environment.

3D printing Fake Food is an entirely new industry and technology. We have partnered with the best suppliers. The process goes through various stages: Such as rendering, texture quality control, printing and food styling.

We believe such technology will be the epicenter of food window display and will be supported by various organizations sensitive to food waste and sustainability.