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Food Styling for the Advertising World

You run an Advertising Agency in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Beirut and you are preparing a Food Ad, TV Commercial quote or an Advertising Campaign for one of your client: a fmcg Company (food), Food Product or Hotel, and 30 percent of your brief is focused on the food element, table decoration, dining set up or a kitchen therefore you are most likely to hire a Dubai Food and Props Stylist.

Why do I need to appoint a Food and Props Stylist?

A food stylist is key to the success of your campaign. A food stylist offers limitless Food Concept Ideas, based on her brief she will offer her food styling techniques, best talent and comes up with a picturesque set up, be it to shoot a full menu, a food product, an apple, a social media recipe, a traditional dish or a tactical for your next Ramadan ad.

International Brands such as President, Mars, P&G, Kraft or Kellogg’s do not buy food stock images but they do hire a Dubai Food and Props Stylist. They are aware that a Food Stylist, a clear advertising brief a creative Food Idea and a talented food photographer are keys success factor of their Advertising Campaign.

How can a food stylist help my Food Ad?

With a successful Food Campaign, Food Image and solid food styling techniques, a food stylist can help you create a delightful online presence, TV Commercial and a mouthwatering advert.

There is actually some great homework done by all parties to come up with your ideal food marketing campaign and win the pitch. It all starts with a unique Food Concept Ideaalthough innovative food Ideas are exclusive they only attract a sized audience. This is when our food and beverage and hospitality background helps you with exclusive and achievable food and beverages food campaign. Hungry for some creative Food Ideas? Give us a call, Caro Dubai Food and Prop Stylist would love to share our Food Styling Techniques.