Food Props


Food Props for Photography, FnB and TVC

Where can I find food props for my food shoot or TVC ?

What do we mean by food props for Food Photography or Food TVC? They are in other words the decoration items that fill, enhance your food photography, food concept.

At FoodArtConcept, we invested in those Food Props so you don’t have to. Depends what type of food brief your are working on, example :  Restaurant menu, Food Ad, Food TVC, or a Food Product Launch, you will need various types of pots, chop boards, napkins, backgrounds to name a few. If you are in doubt, we offer our food expertise and food consultancy and ensure shared ideas are innovative, delectable, exceed your expectations, catch your clients’ attention and differentiate you from your competitors.

So who can help me choose my glassware or food prop set up ?

Actually Food Photography props such as: flatware, silverware, glassware, tableware, crockery or cutlery come in various sizes, category, and texture. They follow a theme; a culture and mainly they are inline with your food and beverage brand guidelines.

If you were in process launching your restaurant or FnB Outlet, ideally we would recommend you to start with your food photography. Why do I need a food stylist or an experienced food consultant? Because we work with the best suppliers and we will of course ensure your investment is in line with your budget. Also we will come forward and advice your team, which dish suits best your menu plating. Menu plating and food props are key to ensure the client eats with his / her eyes first.

If you were preparing a food brief, TVCommercial, including a food consultant and a food stylist in the process, will help you:

  • Set your storyboard
  • Understand what type of food set up is needed
  • How long will the food section take?

So with …

  • More than 15 years food and beverage experience
  • Panoplies of plates, kitchen decoration, food props
  • Best suppliers’ partnership

You have landed on the adequate food props for photography page.

At the end of the day we have the same objective: all we need is to win the pitch, exceed your client’s expectation and of course save time and money. So let’s start cooking!