New York Summer 2015

Some of us are getting ready for their summer vacation and some are just dreaming to go back…In all cases here are some #NYC-tips and some of the best addresses we tried for you…

Arrival JFK – Day Time Arrival Recommended

For some reasons the counters at night or early morning time are closed so only few are open to serve you, and the other 1000 passengers. Therefore book a flight that lands in the day time and get your #UBER  unless you don’t mind queuing for another hour or so

Staying at …

As recommended when visiting any big city in the world try to stay in key districts: Soho, Tribeca, Williamsburg were my favorites. Not really wanting to spend my budget on hotel’s accommodation I preferred to book #Airbnb

It was just perfect!

Take a walk on Brooklyn

On your first day try to do some walking – don’t underestimate the jet lag – Take a walk on Brooklyn Bridge, try one of the city’s best slices of Pizza: #Di-Fara, #Grimaldi’s and #Juliana’s. Rest assured the queue is the same everywhere. We said a slice so you can save some space for an early dinner – 10 min walk from the Ice Cream factory- at the #VinegarHillHouse



Or the Museum of Modern Art has it all. From spectacular paintings that filled our books and education to impressive sculptures. Start with the Museum and allocate some time for the shop you might end up spending your day. No Joke. They have it all cover from a 3 $ souvenir to high tech gadgets. You have more than one MoMA shop around town so plan ahead and see which one is more suitable for your arms.

#Spice Market & #Catch

2 addresses to remember when in #Meatpacking-district: #Spice-Market & #Catch.
You can have a dinner at Spice Market – we highly recommend – the 10 courses menu with its wine pairing and if you are lucky you can dance the night away at Catch – advanced booking is a must but you can try your luck.


New York is indeed home to big brands and malls but personally being a Dubai resident, I was not that interested in those types of visits. Instead take a walk on Williamsburg; pop into those designers’ shops, you will definitely enjoy their originality.

You can definitely spend a full day in #Williamsburg from shopping to trying a delectable Oyster dinner at #MaisonPremiere

Pub and live bands are all set to take you back to the 80’s, 70’ or more…

Few blocks away you can visit Brooklyn #Brewery  and try some of New York best beers. Serves all tastes

Books & only great books

If you working in a very specific field like Fashion Design, #Food Styling or Ancient Literature #Strand Book Store has it all cover. On your way out have a look at the magnets display they are hilarious and if need it buy them here, they are much cheaper than any other place in town.

Central Park & the American Museum of Natural History

Plan your breakfast at #Norma’s Café – consider it as a brunch – then rent some bicycles and tour Central Park. Find the exist that takes you to the American Museum of Natural History and just take your time and spend the day discovering the world best species.

A Pub, a Laboratory or just an amazing spot?

#Apotheke in China Town has some great live band and an innovative beverage menu. If you are lucky you won’t get to meet the lunatic bar manager – if you do just ignore her.

La Crème de la Crème

#ABC Kitchen…oh dear! One of the best lunches and definitely best place An experience that tantalizes every taste buds an experience that will simply remain amongst your favorites for a long time…I wont say more except enjoy this award-winning cuisine by Michelin star Chef #Jean-Georges and if you have enough time…definitely go back!

#SleepNoMore located at the magical #McKittrickHotel

None can visit NYC with out a piece of theatre or a concert planed. If you dare some out of this world performance book yourself a ticket and talk no more.

If you wonder why such a culinary trip ? This trip was dedicated to my #FoodStyling course and what better than NewYorkCity to kick off your dream. For more information visit our website and discover our FoodStyling for #RestaurantsAdvertisingAgencies and our favorite section, #Concept or contact us on +97144512604.



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