What do you need ?

  • 1 pack of soft bread (brown or white)
  • 4 eggs
  • 3 tomatoes medium sized
  • Dill or parsley
  • Emmental or Gruyere cheese to taste
  • Salt & pepper
  • One teaspoon of vegetable oil

How to master your Omelette ? (20min)

  • Always wash the eggs before you use them
  • Scramble the eggs
    • Add salt & pepper
  • Dice the tomatoes (small squares)
  • Add tomatoes and dill to the eggs mixture
  • Add vegetable oil
  • Set to rest in the fridge (until the bread layers are ready)

How to prepare your bread ? (15min)

  • Use a mould or a cup
    • This is to create the round shaped breads
    • Cut the bread – it is soft and easy to do, you can even ask your little ones to help
    • Set aside

How to cook the omelette 

  • Heat a non sticky pan – not too hot
  • Remix the prepared omelette
    • You don’t need to oil the pan as the mixture contains oil already
  • Pour the mixture leave it on low heat for 7 min
  • The mixture is ready to be flipped when you see the borders changing colors
  • Flip the mixture, leave for another 7 min
    • Use a spatula if not comfortable with the flip
  • Let it cool for 3 min
  • Use a chop board and flip it over
  • Use the same cup or mould to create your circles
  • Display the bread layers as building a burger
  • You can add a salad or home made chips

For FoodStyling tips you can serve your mini omelette burgers on a black marble, sprinkle some sweet paprika.

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