What is Vertical Farming? What are the added values of such type of farming?

How Vertical Farming can revolutionize our eating habits?

Caroline Ismail, Dubai based Food Stylist took a trip to Badia Farms and shares her green journey a memorable experience indeed!

Vertical Farming Badia Farms copy

The Magic : If you were part of the F&B industry, you would understand why such visit is synonym of magic and goose bumps. Vertical farming …UAE? …Weather? …Technology …how did they do it?

The Concept : “Named after the Arabic word for ‘oasis’, Badia Farms is bringing a green hub to the heart of one of the world’s most dynamic yet agriculturally challenged cities. We are the first in Dubai to supply gourmet greens to restaurant kitchens on the day they are picked. And our ultimate goal is to put the UAE on the map as an upscale fruit and veg producer “. Click here to learn more

The People : The above is just a “microdescription” of Vertical Farming concept. You should listen to Omar, and the way he describes this baby of his. “Its their entry into the agriculture space” …states Omar Al Jundi, CEO at Badia Farms. Al Jundi’s speech is full of passion and determination.

Omar Al Jundi CEO Badia Farms copy
Omar Al Jundi CEO Badia Farms

We loved our visit and spending such a morning made our week! Being an entrepreneur is one thing but inspiring and sharing your passion with others is definitely one of Omar and Grahame keys to success.

The Fruition : Today, Badia Farms caters to B2B…but it is clear based on latest food trends, how consumer behaviors are shifting to healthy yet smart eating. Lets admit some new trends are –personally – too sophisticated…

No MircroGreens, do not fall into that category. One suggestion you probably

MircoGreens Badia Farms copy

never heard off: Take a green, any green, cut it into to …if you see a white serum:  It means it is fresh…if no it means …well it is up to you to decide…so that is the scary proof that organic and green houses grown vegetables are not that natural…to be investigated for sure.

The Invitation : We are also fortunate enough to be connected with one of the Best Food & Beverage Digital Consultancy Companies. Dawn, Founder at Virtual Solutions went the extra mile to introduce us and set a visit time.

Yes social platforms connected us yet, the relation we have developed with Dawn and Virtual Solutions is mainly thanks to our common interest and passion towards everything we do and services we offer. Needles to mention, our open, direct communication and love for beautiful food. Thank you Dawn, Thank you Badia Farms.

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