How to prepare your office food when you don’t know how to cook yet stay healthy and avoid ordering ?

I.SET A PLAN: Like everything else, planning takes a big part of our busy lives…yet when you can not plan it all, you can at least try to plan areas that stresses you out: We all have this disturbing question: What am I going to eat today? Salad? No I kept snacking all day to calm my hunger…mmm burger? No! Festive season is around the corner …I need to look at my best …and the dilemma goes on…so lets smooth your week and help you create your first office food list. Ready?

II.MAKE A LIST: Make a list of your favorite:

  1. Vegetables
  2. Carbs (Carbohydrates)
  3. Protein
  4. Fruits
  5. Dried Fruits
  6. Spices & Others

Also be aware that a traditional list is usually the easiest to start with. E.g : You don’t want to purchase squids if you are not a patient cook.

Below a basic grocery shopping list that can satisfy your cravings and offer a promising cooking afternoon

  1. Vegetables: Eggplant, zucchinis, tomatoes, cauliflower, cucumber, artichokes*, cabbage, broccoli, asparagus*, green or red pepper, carrot, spring onions, onions, garlic, lettuce and fresh beans.
  2. Carbs (Carbohydrates): Potatoes, rice, semolina (couscous)
  3. Protein: Fish fillet, steak, minced meat, chicken, Shrimps, white cheese (Feta or Bulgarian Cheese), Emmental cheese, eggs
  4. Fruits: Apples, Grape, Pear, Peaches
  5. Dried Fruits: Walnuts, Almonds, Cashew nuts
  6. Spices and others: Olive oil, Salt (Sea salt or pink salt – you will thanks us later), black pepper, Balsamic Vinegar and all types of fresh herbs 

III.USE A BASE: Any chef would agree, that the main important step is to prepare your base:

  1. Base 1: We usually preheat the pan, chop some onions, and press some garlic. Once pan is preheated we add the above and let it simmer. We add some water to create that caramel color…nope we don’t add oil, not yet.
  2. Base 2: Another base: same as first one but add chopped tomatoes – not canned please, it is considered as processed food.

IV.COOK: We unfortunately can not list 3 or 4 recipes in one post however below some tips:

  1. Touch, feel the product à this will help you understand which ones need to be cooked first
  2. Cut regular shapes not too big (they will take ages to cook), not too small (they will melt) and keep in mind that you eat with your eyes first…so do what pleases you.
  3. Color Code: we have this fetish thing with food colors. We believe that a dish will taste good when mixed elements are different colors. Imagine when it’s all green or all white. Does it sound appetizing to you? Not really…so lets mix and match.
  4. Examples: If you are really stuck, just drop us an email, we will be more than happy to Ready? Here we go:
    1. Base 2, eggplant, tomatoes and cashew nuts
    2. Base 1, zucchini, broccoli, tomatoes and a pinch of Emmental Cheese
    3. Base 1, potatoes and eggs
    4. Base 1, chicken, potatoes, lemon and garlic juice for the final touch
    5. Preheat your pan, any mentioned nuts, and a pinched of sea salt
    6. Base 2, fish, potatoes
    7. Base 2, shrimps potatoes puree
    8. Salad, cucumber, apple, nuts, semolina, a pinch of white cheese olive oil and lemon / Vinegar
    9. Artichokes / Asparagus: with a little lemon/ garlic mix the side they can be your perfect snack, dinner

*Even if found, better to purchase those products during their adequate season.

V.HAVE FUN: Cooking can be a relaxing moment, have fun and make sure you don’t feel obliged to otherwise you will spoil the recipe. Turn your favorite music track or take advantage of that cooking hour to Skype with your loved ones. You can also ask your mom or grandma for advices.

If you need some styling tip, you can always check our concept ideas.


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