How to prepare a healthy Oats Bread Recipe

How to replace bread and prepare a homemade and healthy recipe version made of Oats?


 What you need?

  • 1 cup of Oats – no flavors
  • 1 cup of water and more
  • 1/2 cup of Thyme: Powder – Oriental version (no sesame, no salt)
  • Bowl
  • Whisk
  • Louche
  • Spatula
  • Non –Sticky, flat pan

How to master your Oats Bread?

  • In a bowl, mix oats, water and thyme
  • Use a whisk to soften the mixture
  • You will probably need to add water until you get a smooth texture
    • Enough liquid to be poured
    • Enough thick to stick together in a pan
    • Similar to an omelet texture
  • Let is rest for 30 min
  • Whisk again and add more water if needed

How to cook your Oats bread?

  • With a louche: Start pouring in the middle of the pan, rotate the pan in mini circles until mixture covers all the surface
  • Let it cook, until you are able to flip it with a spatula
  • Cook until you can see the color changed to brownish
  • Like crepes, first ones don’t always work
    • This is because we are not adding oil

How to conserve the Oats Bread for a week or so?

  • Once cooked, let it rest
  • You can pile the Oats Bread, protect with aluminum foil and conserve in the refrigerator for a week

For a week? Really? Well you will see that they will disappear in no time.

You can also cook them a little bit more and serve them as crackers. And if you need any help, drop us a line or contact us directly.


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