Our Recipes to Success

4000 Hours of Shoot, 15 New Clients, in 2019 we definitely aligned some milestone projects and serviced some super cool International Food & FMCG brands to our portfolio:


As we were putting together our annual 2019 milestones projects, we came across those achievements and it blew us away to think about how many amazing brands we assisted.

It’s amazing to see.

In the spirit of gratitude and reflection, I’d love to share how we did it and take this post to thank you for the continuous support and incredible opportunities.

Never Say No Vs learn to Say No

We sat a policy to never say no …as long as Food Styling opportunities were coming in, we would fight on all levels to ensure we win the food brief …we tailored our offerings we extended our food props as an added value and most of all we shared our passion and our commitment to deliver and exceed every expectation.

However there is always a fine line between Never Say No and learn to Say No: Working 12 -14hours in a row standing, running, cooking and creating must be compensated by a minimal wage: Set your break-even point, adjust it to the high / low season and apply it to Food Shoot Day rate.

Keep in mind the opportunity cost, keep in mind that those types of decisions and standards implemented at early stage of your Food Styling company inception will protect your business, your reputation and your Food Styling brand on the long run.

FoodArtConcept FZ –LLC

By July 2019, we were drained physically and definitely consumed emotionally…yet again we made a commitment: Business First …so we decided to venture into a new business license model …from a Food Stylist freelancer license…FoodArtConcept has now become a full fledged company that offers Food Styling Services and our objectives for 2020 are set and clear. With a solid partnership with TwoFour 54 and the infinite opportunities the network has to offer we are confident that the best is yet to come. Bring it On 2020!


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