Entrepreneur “ what an honorable title…Needless to say that you don’t just wake up one day, decide to launch your company and become an entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurship is a journey…a heavy story full of sleepless nights, precarious income, and a capricious tomorrow…until you can secure your next 6 months fixed charges.

Caroline Ismail Food Stylist and Founder at FoodArtConcept
Caroline Ismail Founder FoodArtConcept

FoodArtConcept started small with a freelancer license.

Than with  “a successful recipe, a large spoon of patience, a kitchen filled with trials and testing, a solid plan, a pinch of passion for food, photography filming and a drop of talent “….We signed international and local brands …

Today and through the support of 2454 Abu Dhabi, we are a full fledge business entity FoodArtConcept Fz-LLC  – we look back and smile at how unstoppable we have become…a success that we also owe to amazing friends and partners…to the sweetest family and to this “Emotional Intelligence” motto: “We have the obligation to be happy”.

So, Yes!  We wake up everyday with no alarm clock, happy, blessed and committed to transform this recipe into a book to success.


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