Why do I need a Food Stylist, when I have an Excellent Chef?

This is one of the most redundant questions shared by almost every restaurant owner or manager we meet.

Let’s clarify things: A Food Stylist doesn’t try to replace a Chef or to get credits for the cooked food. A Food Stylist assists Food & Beverage Managers and Chefs to place the food that best suits the photographer and the lens.

Usually Chefs work hand in hand with Food Stylists ensuring placed props or food items are part of the recipe or in line with the restaurant / menu branding.

Chefs are also very devoted to their menus, their offering. They are the best contact on shoot to refer to when you are not sure how is the dish served or how much French fries is there per serving. They are also aware of every single prop, dish, and spoon design available at their restaurant, hotel.

I lately had this great opportunity to meet and work with Chef Rahmi Taçyıldız; they reminded me of my hotelier time and what it is to be part of the Hospitality Industry:   They are both very passionate about their job, they will go the extra mile to get the job done and mostly they are lovable people to work with.

So imagine what happens when you gather passionate people? Well folks, it can only go right. Convinced now? So wait no longer and click here to place your request.


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