My Definition of Food Styling at FoodArtConcept

A Food Stylist prepares the food for the pleasure of your eyes and awaken your client’s taste buds through the mix and match of colours, material and textures: My role is to ensure that the Food Shot is focusing on your product. Your product must be the first thing you see when looking at the Food Photography. For example when your are shooting a Lebanese Falafel image, your food elements varies from pickles, bread, vegetables…however the camera angle needs to focus on one product: the Falafel.

Food Styling is the Art of crafting and enhancing your food photography, on your Menus, Packaging or Cookbooks, in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Beirut. A food stylist will fix the parsley as much as she will ensure the Falafel’s color is the most adequate color for food photography. (You can always darken food but you can not go back and get a lighter color).

The Food Stylist’s objective will be to create Food Moments and engrave them in your visual memory for a very long time.

For more reference you can also check and stay tuned for more mouthwatering arabic Food Concept designs.




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