How to increase your restaurant sales, optimize your menu’s size, improve your clientele’s loyalty and trigger the booking process?

Food Stylist FoodArtConcept

  • ITEMS: Sit with your team and brainstorm if all items presented on the menu are really needed. Who really needs 100 – 150 items nowadays? Keep in mind the time spent to choose a food item online is below 3 minutes. Make it simple, offer attractive items options, and yet guide your customers through a simple journey. Simple, yes. You cannot of course reduce all your menu items at once. But you can revisit the ones on offer, highlight which ones are the best seller (highest revenue generator) and which ones have not been ordered. Check your last 3 months history, it will allow you to decide if some items need to be revised or just deleted.


  • CONTENT: A very frustrating mistake, seen in cafes and local restaurants is typo mistakes. Of course we all make mistakes but that’s why copywriters are here to help, check upwork.com and pick the one that suits you.


  • DESIGN: Less is more…. Indeed! So stop cluttering your menu. Implement some guidelines – these take time – but next time your graphic designer moves to new horizons, or you decide to change your agency, design consistency wont desert you too.


  • PROMOTIONS: With 50 millions meals to be served by 2020 in UAE, it’s like a continuous marathon, yet on offer promotions are really déjà vu. Of course we all love those all you can eat sushi nights. But if you can offer it, your competitor also can. Be different, try something creative: what about, dine in tonight (no discounted price) and receive our Sushi kit*. Partner with your suppliers, create synergies and ask yourself what is the added value of my offer?


  • ANALYSIS: When was the last time you analyzed, looked into your data?

Below some key food and beverage elements:

  • Data and your last promotion:
    • Its cost, revenue and ROI
    • Customer acquisition: Any new customers?
      • Did you send them a thank you note?
  • Data Base and what a great tool when …
    • How updated is your database? When was the last time you verified this information?
    • Did you add a special Column? Birthday, anniversary, allergies, likes and dislikes? Family of? Notes from last dining experience? No? So how about you get started?

The below food image is a great example how a mouthwatering food image multiplied by 10 clients’ engagement. From 10 likes averaged on the last 5 pictures …client has received 110 likes on this one and multiplied by 3 numbers of comments

Food Styling Gyro Sandwich
Food Styling Gyro Sandwich in Dubai

Food Photos take up to 30% of the online booking process. Really? Well think about it this way: When a customer orders his lunch online, he is restrained by time, submerged by multiple choices, then the easiest way to do it is to pick the best food image. Convinced? Well head to our food and restaurant page or check here our portfolio of happy clients.


  1. Saumya Sah 

    It is a very comprehensive and well-written article. It comprises of everything that a restaurant owner/ manager should understand and be aware of. I especially liked the content under, PROMOTIONS. UAE’s food and beverage industry is enormous and is expected to see a rise in the business in the next five years mainly due to an increase in the consumer base and growth in the disposable income. However, the UAE restaurant industry has a problem of plenty. Several restaurants are competing against each other, which makes it imperative for the restaurant owners to focus on luring in more customers and increase restaurant sales.